“Fantastic , they were able to Inspect a BMW the following
day and saved me from £1000’s in repairs ”

JM – Bristol


Thank you for the report.
I would also like to take the opportunity to let you know how happy I have been with the service offered by MVI UK.
It is a very well managed business, offering excellent communication, service delivery and the reports delivered in good time and in a customer friendly interface at a price well within those offered by the AA & RAC.
I would recommend the use of MVI’s services to anyone wanting a comprehensive pre-sale report on any vehicle. I am also quite happy to post my own review on any forum you would wish me to use, please let me know if you have a preference.”
Best Regards H P”

“MVIUK saved me from purchasing a car with a cloned identity , and subsequently
inspected a second car and helped me negotiate a better deal! ”

DK – Walsall


“The background check was well worth the £40. It covered a lot more than just a usual data checki”

SK – Bath


“M.V.I UK advised me that my prospective purchase
had been subject to an unrecorded accident, I promptly got my deposit
back with this information”

PJ – Swansea


“I was amazed at how quick the inspection was booked and even more surprised at receiving the report at 11 in the evening on the same day!”

Rashmid – Bradford


” I was more than happy with the very personalised service and although disappointed with the outcome of the inspection due to forged service history this was a blessing that I employed MVi at the last minute saving me who knows what future troubles. Mvi must be praised for being suspicious and calling BMW head office to double check, well done guys!”

Peter – Coventry

A couple of extracts from Review Centre…….

I came across MVIUK when I was buying an 07 Mercedes SLK200. I know nothing about cars, and was impressed with their website. I then came to this website, and was impressed with the reviews here – including their reasoned response to a poor review!
Communications were very good, and the car was inspected within 48 hours of me booking the inspection. Si contacted me by phone that afternoon, and gave me a full verbal report, explaining all the technical parts clearly. The report was good, and when I received the report documents by email later the same afternoon I was again impressed with the thorough and professional way they were done. Lots of useful photos helped me to see exactly what was meant. Si was really pleasant to talk to, and he knew the SLK series well, having had one.
When I spoke to the car dealer after the inspection, he told me he was impressed with Si’s thoroughness, the length and professionalism of the inspection. He asked which firm I had used, and I think he may be going to recommend MVIUK to his customers!
I am going ahead with the purchase, secure in the knowledge that there are no nasty surprises lurking around the corner for me.


The review was fantastic. Lengthy and details, the guys communicated well with both myself and the seller. I was sent the details report quite quickly as I was due to purchase the heap of junk. The car had many hidden problems which could have potentially been dangerous and costly. This particular car was rubbish, however, for peace of mind and savings of potentially 1000’s of ££££ I am willing to look again and have another inspection.
I really appreciate this kind of service. Thank YOU!!!



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